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CaringDevon.com GO TO HOMEPAGE | Caring with Love Reviews on services at CaringDevon.com

Vierka, a qualified instructor of Yoga for Children, and Loving Care for People in Devon offers various activities, including Intuitive Dance.

Vierka helps YOU with Intuitive Dance to Love Yourself
Love Yourself through awareness activities
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CaringDevon.com - a range of expanding services :

help the elderly:
music therapy , chair-based exercises for the elderly or disabled , brain gym , one-to-one tuition for the elderly , motivational activities , engagement games for the elderly ....

love yourself:
being happy , positive thinking , clever eating , tuning your body to holistics , physical well-being, yoga , tai chi , intuitive dancing , massage , trail running , wild-camping , guided walking trips....

love the planet:
blue planet , holistic technology , permaculture , eco-living , off-grid future ...

Qualified and experienced staff . DBS checked

Musical Activities

Steve, a qualified teacher & musician, offers fun music
music therapy & nostalgic musical 'journeys' tailor-made to enrich the daily lives of the elderly in carehomes.

* group and one-to-one

We are all given amazing abilities - even though we might not realise it! Through these skills we can heal ourselves...
BELIEVE YOURSELF in this world full of tension, stress, depressions and angers.....and where you need to, with my help, learn to let these sensations go.
One of the ways to develop your self-belief is through INTUITIVE DANCE, MEDITATION and the OPEN CIRCLE.
Let me introduce you to my Life Journey of the Present Moment through Pure Love, Happiness and Letting Go....
INTUITVE DANCE is a special technique to help you release all tension in your body and mind: You dance blind-folded to specific music.....and let it go, let it go thru movement....training yourself not to take in bad emotions and feelings, rejucting them.
MEDITATION is also one of the techniques enabling you to let things go....not take them in. This technique is more peaceful: you sit or lie down....make yourself comfortable and snuggy, and then, through mellow music and peaceful Guardian Worlds you release your tension....observe yourself, learn to feel yourself ,learn who you are and through understanding and working on your inner self, go to Peace inside You and your head, LOVING ....love your self, love your life, love all beings, love Mother Earth.
OPEN CIRCLE is a reflective technique, sharing the experience we have had through Intuitive Dance and Meditation....finding the way to understand your self... helping yourself... learning to let go and open to Life, People, Trust your self,Trust Life ,Trust People, Trust and recognise the signs along the Path.
This is my Self-Love Life Journey. I would like to share it with you and help you on your Life Journey to Peace, Happiness and Love.
With Love Vierka
Learn to Love Yourself through Intuitive Dance